With PTCL video conference service, connect with your loved   ones and start the conversation face to face.
Connect your video phone with PTCL broadband device and enjoy video calls with your friends and family. Get your video phone today and enjoy the video calls.

Video Phone service is now available in all cities of Pakistan. In simple words you can say:
Connect - See - Talk
Enjoy free video calls and broadband service for 6 months on ordering your video phone in just Rs 1500. For order, call 0800 8 0800.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer is only for customers having broadband connection of 1-4 Mb.
  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Diablo 3 Full Game Guide - Walkthroughs, Cheats, Tips, Tricks

With Diablo 3 full game guide, you will never loose even a single time in Diablo 3. This guide is in PDF format and available for download exclusively at Cellular Pak.
Diablo 3 guide consists of more than 250 pages with detailed Walkthroughs, tips and tricks for each and every level of Diablo 3. This ebook is designed for a single purpose and that purpose is to produce winners every time. No problem whether you are playing the game online, you will win the game with Diablo 3 guide. 


Download: Diablo 3 Full game Guide

Adscend Media Review : Why it is better?

Adscend Media is a well known name in the CPA industry and especially content locking. They started back in the year 2008 and until now they are still growing each and every day. There are hundreds of CPA networks which specializes in incentive based offers and content locking solutions but to be honest, If you look at all the aspects of these networks and then look at Adscend Media you will experience a great difference.
Have a look at some of the important features of Adscend Media which makes them special:

  • On time payments: They always pay on time and that's the most important thing which publishers care. There is no logic in promoting an offer in specific CPA network if they are not going to pay. They are never late in payments since the day one. They are offering Net 30/ Net 15 and weekly payments.
  • Diverse pool of offers: They have currently 1100 offers and the number is growing. No network has such a huge number of incentive based offers.
  • Real time reporting: They have in-house tracking system which makes them different from others. You can see real time reporting.
  • High EPC: Get ready to experience high EPC with Adscend Media. You cannot find such high EPC in any other network.
  • Better conversion rates: The offers at Adscend Media converts better resulting in better conversion rate.
  • Tools: Being a publisher, you can use Adscend Media content locker, File/link/password gateway(hosted on their servers), geo-shorten links, pixels and postback.
  • Referral Program: Refer others to Adscend Media and earn 3% commission on all of their earnings for life-time.
  • API and Virtual Reward: They are also offering usage of API and virtual reward to selective publishers.
  • Minimum Payout: Paypal: $50, ACH: $100, Check: $100, Wire Transfer: $500.

Buy Motorola MB632 Android Unlocked Phone

Buy Motorola MB632 Android Unlocked phone at a discounted price. Buy now and save up to 33% !
Buy Motorola MB632 Android Unlocked Phone

Motorola MB632 is a android powered phone with qwerty keypad, multi-tasking, elegant design, equipped with business ready apps and everything you need in today's world mobile phone.

Main Product Features:

  • Web browsing: On the go web browsing with fast, easy, fluid web browsing.
  • Android Apps: Access and download over 400,000 apps and games.
  • Messaging: Easy messaging, email with qwerty keypad and quick response touch screen 3.1.
  • Size(LWH): 4.7 inches, 2.44 inches, 0.46 inches.
  • Weight: 0.46 grams
  • Screen Size: 640 x 480 pixels.
  • Memory: 4 GB internal storage, 512 MB Ram and micro SD card support up to 32 GB.
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • OS: Android v2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • Battery: Up to 312 hours.

Buy Motorola MB632 Android Unlocked Phone:

You can buy Motorolla MB632 from Click here to buy it.

Price: $199.99 only. You will save $100 (33%).

Free Shipping: You will get free shipping.
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Rapid Transport System Model Town Lahore in Last Phase of Construction

Rapid Transport System Model Town Lahore
Rapid Transport System Model Town Lahore in Last Phase of Construction. This project will be completed in the near future. This project will solve the problem of traffic and quality lack of quality transport. This is the very first project of its kind in Pakistan. Previously no such project is present in Pakistan.

As you can see in the picture that it is in the semi-last phase of its construction. There are also some suggestions for making an extra line for ambulances in this rapid transport system but these suggestions are still waiting approval of authorities.

Rapid transport system will be of high economical value as well as a mode of fast transportation. Chief Minister of Punjab always strive to start and compete such kind of projects.

Earn $2.5 Million In One Day

They said it couldn't be done, but it is happening over and over again.

Sounds like fiction ? Far from it...

People around the world are making extreme amount of money using the tips and tricks described in this course each and every day. Are you asking how it is possible?

Because they have tapped into a system which is known by only few and I am sure it always will be. 
 You can easily charge thousands of dollars using the opportunities provided in this course. This is only available for a limited time because the guys who are earning 2 million per day won't tolerate this method to be shared like this.

I am sure:
You don't want to miss 2.5 million in one day...
Earn $2.5 Million In One Day

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Happy Independence Day to All Pakistanis

Happy Independence Day (14 August 2012) to All Pakistanis from Cellular PakCelebrate the glory of the nation and the spirit of freedom with your friends/ family/ loved ones and fellow citizens. Most schools also hold special Independence Day programmes, flags are hoisted on rooftops and terraces, and children wear badges on their arms.

The decision of Quaid-E-Azam was true and we still believe in Pakistan. Pakistan will become a great country one day. We love Pakistan.

Even the Google is celebrating Pakistan's independence day:
Happy Independence Day to All Pakistanis
In the end, here is a beautiful national song for you:

From: Umer Aslam & Cellular Pak Team
Happy Independence Day!!!

UET Lahore Combined Entry Test 2012

Official date of UET Lahore Combined entry test has been announced. Admission forms will be available online from 13 August 2012. 
UET Lahore Combined Entry Test 2012

White Hat Adsense System - Earn $50-$100 Daily

Earn $50-$100 daily with only 30 minutes of work using this amazing White Hat Adsense System. You will start making money with Adsense in no time after downloading with amazing 4 page report.
White Hat Adsense System - Earn $50-$100 Daily

The system is total white hat which means no chance of getting banned from Adsense. It involves some secret ways to get tons of traffic and also how to maximize your chances of getting clicks on adsense units.


Caution Notice from G Mobile

Caution Notice from G Mobile

G Mobile has issued a caution notice for public because some traders are using the brand name of G mobile by importing mobiles from China and selling them as G mobile.

So it is requested to only buy the real products of G mobile. If any one was found using the brand name of G Mobile then serious actions will be taken against him.

Trojan.Flame.A Virus Removal Guide

If your computer has been infected with "Trojan.Flame.A" then download our "Trojan.Flame.A Removal Guide" to get rid of it.


Trojan.Flame.A is a new virus which was discovered on 28 May 2012. Currently its spreading rate is medium which is very alarming. Its size is 20 MB and it causes very severe damage to operating system.

If your computer is infected with Trojan.Flame.A then don't take it easy and you should follow all the instructions given here to remove it. It can cause serious damage to your computer. 


The presense of following files indicates that your computer is infected with "Trojan.Flame.A" virus.

Presence of this directory:
%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\\Microsoft Shared\\MSSecurityMgr\\

Trojan.Flame.A Virus Removal Guide:

We have created a complete guide for you to remove this virus from your computer completely. Click here to download the guide.

Download: Trojan.Flame.A Virus Removal Guide

Watch Geo News Channel Live Streaming

Wahtch Geo News channel live at Cellular Pak totally free. Geo News live streaming player is given below:


Get this for your site/blog:

<iframe allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="480" src="" width="640"></iframe><br />

Use of CPA in Telecom Sector

CPA(Cost per action) has been becoming the number 1 choice for publishers and advertisers also. It has a lot of potential as compared to PPC but CPA and PPC are very closely related.
Use of CPA in Telecom Sector

In CPA, advertisers only pay when a specific action has been completed and that specific action can be email submit, SMS/Pin confirm, Zip submit, Install, Download, completing a survey or buying subscription etc. The use of CPA in telecom sector is getting importance day by day. CPA is a new way to get subscriptions by the users. Many famous cellular companies are using CPA for getting exposure and money. While in PPC, you have to pay for click and it is not necessary that the user clicking the ad will read the advertisers site or product.

Use of CPA in Telecom Sector is gaining importance while on the other hand Pakistani cellular companies are not paying attention to this golden opportunity. Cellular companies of Pakistan should take this opportunity seriously because CPA has a lot of potential and it is many times better than PPC.

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