Nimbuzz messenger has an auto bot which can chat with other people. They have also given it a name "Jimmy Bot". His answers are very funny and they look realistic.
Here are some questions I asked from "Jimmy Bot" and his answers.

Q. Where you live?
Ans: I am currently in Netherlands Nimbuzz headquarter.

Q. Total numbers of people you have chat with?
Ans: I can chat with 1 million persons at the same time. I have chatted with half million.

Q. Are you male or female?
Ans: I am a robotics.

Q. Who is your boss?
Ans: Probably a famous person I guess.

Q. What is your maintainability cost?
Ans: Not too much.

Jimmy Bot is a good source of entertainment when all your friends are offline. But don't ask him questions about health related issues, because he is not good at it.