Looks like load shedding has returned and this time with more intensity. With the rise in temperature, the duration of unscheduled load-shedding has been increasing day by day and even the locals of the city Lahore are facing up to 17-20 hours of power outages. At the time of writing this, there is no light in my area for more than 7 hours. Yesterday there was no electricity for more than 16 hours

Have a look at the picture of a protest:
Protest Against Load Sehdding in Lahore

Our sources inside the Wapda are saying the electricity shortfall has reached 5000 mega watt. This sudden increase in load shedding has disturbed the normal routine work of the citizens. Similar situations are witnessed in all the major cities of Punjab.

With the increase in load shedding, the public protests have also been increased due to which Wapda has tightened its security near grid stations to protect them. A Wapda official has said to Cellular Pak reporter that the gas supply to Uch powerhouse has been restored and this condition will be improved in the coming days.