Most of the people who has bought their first domain or even the tech guys are facing problems in using domains registered at NameCheap with blogger. There are already a lot of tutorials about this topic but all of them are incomplete and misses a lot of vital information. So today I have decided to write a simple tutorial on "How to use NamCheap domain with blogger?"

1. Go to your NameCheap account and view your domains:
my namecheap account

2. Click on the domain you want to use with your blogger blog.
3.  Click on All Hosts Record located in left sidebar:
namecheap all hosts record

4. For the Host name @ record enter your domain including htttp:// and set the record type as URL redirect. example:

5. For the second Host name record www enter and set the record type as CNAME.

6. Create 4 new A records in the sub domain settings. In the Host name section enter your naked domain like without www. In the IP address field enter these IP addresses:

and click on save. Have a look at the screenshot:
How To Use NameCheap Domain On Blogger
Replace the with your domain url. In the sub domain settings will be replaced by your naked domain without http://www.

7. Click on save. Now wait for 10-20 minutes.
8. Now to go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on your blog settings.

9. Under Publishing, click on add a custom domain. Then click on switch to advanced settings and enter your full domain url like Remember that entering naked domain will return an error. Click on save.
Blogger custom domain settings

10. After clicking on save you will be given a new CNAME record to verify your domain ownership. Now go to back to your NameCheap account and add a new CNAME record and enter the values given by blogger. The "*****" will go to IP Address field and the second one in the Host Record.

11. Now go back to blogger settings and repeat the step 9.

12. That's it. Now you are done.

Now check if it is workin properly or not by opening your domain url. If it is showing any error then please note that it take 2-24 hours or even 2 days for the domain propagation to take place.

If you are facing any problems then comment below and I will try my best to solve them.