ProPakistani.PK is the leading website in Pakistan which covers the Pakistani telecom sector and IT news. It is quite popular in Pakistan where it has gained an Alexa rank of 153. Today I noticed a weird thing on their website when I opened their website on my mobile phone. I found a link to in their header but if you open it on your computer, it is not shown. On further investigation I found that the link was hidden using the following code:

<body class="home blog unknown"><ul style=" height:0px; overflow:hidden"><li><a href=""></a> payday loans</li></ul>

On opening the website nothing shows up:
Propakistani hacked - 4 July 2013

But when I looked at the source code of the website, I found a link to Payday loans website:

Now there are only two possibilities of this:

A) The site is hacked.
B) Aamir Attaa (owner) is selling links on his site.

I think the option A will be true. There is a lot of heat going on with the spammy Payday loans showing up in the SERPs having links from hacked sites. Google also shows a notification in the Webmaster tools if it detects any unnatural links on a site. Probably Aamir Attaa is unaware of this situation.

You can also see the hidden link by going to view-source: Then search for payday loans to see the hidden link.

If Aamir Attaa is reading this, then I strongly recommend him to remove the links ASAP.