FBR(Federal Board of Revenue), which is responsible for taxing big and small businesses & individuals has decided to tax Google's income from Pakistan.

All Adsense payments can be taxed

Authorities at FBR are trying to devise a strategy to tax adsense payments. Until now it is still not clear if the advertisers or Google itself will come under tax net or not?

The main target will be publishers. For years webmasters are earning a fair amount of money from Google Adsense without paying any taxes but not so long because it is just a matter of fact when FBR will devise the exact strategy to tax those individuals.

According to our sources, not all publishers will come under tax net. Only those publishers earning high volumes or fair amount of money will be affected more.

The default payment method of Google Adsense is Western Union for individual publishers and Cheque for businesses. So FBR will have to find a way to tax the publishers on these payment methods.