Computers are electronics devices and when one of the its components starts malfunctioning, the computer stops working too. It can be very hard to identify what's the problem is but say thanks to that beep sound which tells us exactly what is the reason of this. One of our computer stopped working last night. It was not starting at all and was continuously producing the beep sound. The fans were running, power cables were all good. Finally after 10-15 minutes we were able to figure out the problem. If you are facing the same problem then read on...

1. Start the computer and listen carefully to the beep.

2. Count the number beeps. Actually the beep can tell us a lot of things and the actual cause of the problem. If the number of beeps is 2 then it means a different thing. If it is 3 then it means a different thing:

1 beep = Video card problem
2-3 beep = Ram problem
Continuous beep = Processor Problem

3. Before removing anything, get a blower and clean your whole computer. Most of the times the real reason of this problem is the dust particles. Almost 90% of the times, after cleaning the computer, it starts working normally.

4. If even after removing the dust the problem still persists then start removing the video card, ram one by one and see what the problem is. If after removing a specific part it starts working properly then simply replace the faulty part.