Get the guess paper for Physics Part 2 Lahore board paper 2012. Then paper will be held on 9 May 2012. I am publishing a guess paper prepared by professors of G.C and former paper setters of Lahore Board.

1. Electric lines of forces never cross?why?  {96%}
2. Do bend in a wire affects its electrical resistance? {80%}
3. Why the resistance of ammeter should be very low? {71%}
4. Does the induced emf always act to decrease the magnetic flux through a circuit? {70%}
5. What is meant by A.M. and F.M.? {88%}
6. Write a note on Superconductors? {77%}
7. Why ordinary silicon diode do not emit light? {60%}

1.Coulomb's law, applications of gauss's law
2.Kirchhoff's rules
3.Field due to a current carrying solenoid

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