What will be the future of SEO after Penguin Update?
A question or you can say a fear in webmaster's mind is what will be the future of SEO after the Penguin update. The Penguin update has punished a lot of sites but you know there was one thing common in all of these sites:

  • They hired a SEO consultant who was unprofessional or he used blackhat techniques.

  • They tried to fool the Google but caught.
There are still some sites which were doing good business around but unfortunately they are also affected by Penguin. Penguin is just an algorithm, not a human who can consider if it is wrong or true. So there are possibilities that may be some legit sites are also affected by Penguin.

The so called SEO gurus and consultants are now thinking to learn the SEO again from the start because of the Penguin. In my opinion, Penguin update is a one step closer to make the Google free from sites using un-natural link building techniques to get ranked. People using Google wants results related to their search terms and those People are the Google's biggest asset. If they stop using Google then what Google will do?

After all, Penguin Update is also just an algorithm created by humans and I am damn sure that sooner or later the SEO guys will find out how the Penguin works and they will invent their own method to cheat Penguin.

It looks like a fight between cat and mouse. Google updates its algorithm, SEO guys update their methods and things keep going on.
{I am not a SEO guru or anything like that but I am damn sure that I am better than a lot of SEO consultants}