A lot of people from Pakistan wants to create their own blog but don't know where to start. So I have decided to create a post on how to create a blog.

1. Choose Platform:
Choose your blogging platform carefully. If you are newbie and don't know anything about running a blog then you should choose Blogger.com . If you need a good blog with a lot of plugin and best functionality then choose WordPress which is a open source blogging platform.

2. Free blog or Paid:
If you don't have enough money then it is O.K to start with a free domain on blogger or other free domains but it is highly recommended that you should buy a top level domain for your blog. You can buy a domain name for your blog at godaddy.com. There is one thing with free blogging platform like blogger.com which is very annoying and it is that you don't own your blog and Google they can delete it whenever they want.

3.Choose a good design:
Choose a good template for your blog because it is the first impression your visitors get. You can hire a website development specialist to design a custom template for you or you can go with free templates.
Thesis is a very good but paid theme for WordPress.

4.Start blogging:
Create an about me page for your blog and start blogging on any topic which is comfortable for you and you can write it easily.

5. Promote your blog:
Use the power of social media to get exposure. In the starting go with Facebook, twitter and YouTube. YouTube videos are a good way to rank for specific keywords. Pinterest is another emerging social media platform and there are rumours on the internet that Pinterest will soon outrank the Facebook.

There are still lot of things about blogging which you should learn on your own. Always take risk because it opens new doors of possibilities.