I have to admit that the recent Penguin update has changed the world of SEO and all past backlinking strategies needs to be revised. The penguin update was good for webmasters not using blackhat techniques for getting rankings. The main aim of recent update was to punish the spammers who tried to manipulate the search engine results.

Here are some quick backlinking tips to consider after the penguin update:

  • Don't use the same anchor text for all backlinks. This will trigger the penguin algorithm. So change the anchor text a little bit after every 4-5 backlinks. Exact anchor text match can create problems for you.
  • Don't go for blogroll links. After the penguin update, blogroll links have lost their importance. Blogroll links will create backlinks with the same anchor text.
  • All the blog networks are now dead. They have lost their authority which means they have also lost their importance.
  • Stay away from Fiverr SEO gigs. In my personal opinion, all the people who used these SEO services are now suffering.
  • Avoid spammy backlinks. Go for quality not quantity. A PR6 backlink from a reputable site is better than 3000 backlinks from spammy websites.
  • Don't use automatic backlinking softwares. Your site will be definitely de-indexed from Google if your site is 2 days old and it has got 2 million backlinks.

Some working strategies after penguin update:

  • Guest posting is the best practice after recent update.
  • Article marketing is also of a great importance if done correctly. 
  • Blog commenting on high PR blog posts. Again do it manually and never ever use automatic software.
  • Forum posting on reputable dofollow forums. Do it manually at a slow rate so it appears natural.
  • Press releases also works but it is not so much powerfull.