Pakistan Telecom Authorities has instructed all telecommunications service providers to instantly quit all award systems, prizes even if they are genuine, or services will have to face law suit from PTA according to law.

Pakistan Telecom Authorities classified these award systems as inaccurate and against Telecom Consumer Protection Control and hence instructed all telecommunications services to quit such promotions with immediate effect to avoid any legal action. Some of these offers include Ufone Shahkar offer, Warid sms crore ka etc.

Inami Schemes or fortunate attracts are considered a profitable income influx for telecommunications services. Industry sources suggest that one such program brings in PKR 4 to 5 thousand for a telecommunications owner per day or PKR 150 thousand a month.

However, such systems are usually inaccurate and result into loss of valuable cash for telecommunications customers. These award systems, formally declared and offered by telecommunications services, give an opportunity to bogus people to bogus the systems and generate income through unlawful means.

PTA has asked telecommunications services to publish their conformity report in two days. Here is the official letter: