If your computer has been infected with "Trojan.Flame.A" then download our "Trojan.Flame.A Removal Guide" to get rid of it.


Trojan.Flame.A is a new virus which was discovered on 28 May 2012. Currently its spreading rate is medium which is very alarming. Its size is 20 MB and it causes very severe damage to operating system.

If your computer is infected with Trojan.Flame.A then don't take it easy and you should follow all the instructions given here to remove it. It can cause serious damage to your computer. 


The presense of following files indicates that your computer is infected with "Trojan.Flame.A" virus.

Presence of this directory:
%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\\Microsoft Shared\\MSSecurityMgr\\

Trojan.Flame.A Virus Removal Guide:

We have created a complete guide for you to remove this virus from your computer completely. Click here to download the guide.

Download: Trojan.Flame.A Virus Removal Guide