CPA(Cost per action) has been becoming the number 1 choice for publishers and advertisers also. It has a lot of potential as compared to PPC but CPA and PPC are very closely related.
Use of CPA in Telecom Sector

In CPA, advertisers only pay when a specific action has been completed and that specific action can be email submit, SMS/Pin confirm, Zip submit, Install, Download, completing a survey or buying subscription etc. The use of CPA in telecom sector is getting importance day by day. CPA is a new way to get subscriptions by the users. Many famous cellular companies are using CPA for getting exposure and money. While in PPC, you have to pay for click and it is not necessary that the user clicking the ad will read the advertisers site or product.

Use of CPA in Telecom Sector is gaining importance while on the other hand Pakistani cellular companies are not paying attention to this golden opportunity. Cellular companies of Pakistan should take this opportunity seriously because CPA has a lot of potential and it is many times better than PPC.