[Solved] Computer Won't Start... Keeps Beeping

Computers are electronics devices and when one of the its components starts malfunctioning, the computer stops working too. It can be very hard to identify what's the problem is but say thanks to that beep sound which tells us exactly what is the reason of this. One of our computer stopped working last night. It was not starting at all and was continuously producing the beep sound. The fans were running, power cables were all good. Finally after 10-15 minutes we were able to figure out the problem. If you are facing the same problem then read on...

1. Start the computer and listen carefully to the beep.

2. Count the number beeps. Actually the beep can tell us a lot of things and the actual cause of the problem. If the number of beeps is 2 then it means a different thing. If it is 3 then it means a different thing:

1 beep = Video card problem
2-3 beep = Ram problem
Continuous beep = Processor Problem

3. Before removing anything, get a blower and clean your whole computer. Most of the times the real reason of this problem is the dust particles. Almost 90% of the times, after cleaning the computer, it starts working normally.

4. If even after removing the dust the problem still persists then start removing the video card, ram one by one and see what the problem is. If after removing a specific part it starts working properly then simply replace the faulty part.

[Solved] How To Remove Runouce.exe Completely

Runouce.exe is the worst virus I have ever seen in my entire life. It affected me 3 days back when my brother downloaded some random thing from the internet which was packed by this virus "runounce.exe". It can block your internet connection, stop you from accessing anti-virus or anti-malware websites. Even if you try to install anti-virus software, it will not let it happen because it can understand and read names of the executables. I re-installed the Windows 3 times and and all of the times it returned. Luckilly I found a way to get rid of this virus and I will show how you can too.

Before starting let me summarize what "runounce.exe" can do:

  • It can block your internet connection.
  • It can block your access to anti-virus websites.
  • It will not allow you to install anti-virus softwares.
  • It can spread in your whole computer and even replace your original windows files thus corrupting the operating system.
  • It uses your internet conenction to send email spam.

In my case, along with runouce.exe there were two more viruses "net.exe" and "net1.exe". I think they are a part of the virus pack. After infecting the victim's computer, it make changes in the system reigstry and courrupts it. The 2nd thing it do is to spread in the system volume information of all the local disks you have on your system. So if you just format the C drive and re-install the Windows, runouce.exe will come again from other local drives.

Now I think you know how severe the condition is actually. Follow the steps given below to totally remove the runouce.exe from your system:

1. You will need another computer or laptop. Open up your 2nd computer or laptop and download "Malwarebytes Antimalware". Then rename the Malwarebytes software to something else to make sure that the virus doesn't identifies it. Now copy it into a flash drive.

2. Start the infected computer and press F8 during the bootup. This will take you into a menu. Then select the "Safe mode".

3. Once you are logged in as an aministrator in safe mode, connect the USB flash drive. Now install the Malwarebytes.

4. Once it has been installed, run it and make a quick scan of all the local disk drives and especially use the "Flash scan". 

5. Then scan the USB too as it will also contain the viruses because you connected it.

6. Once the whole computer is scanned and cleaned, log out of safe mode and start computer normally.

7. Go and download "AVG 2014". Once downloaded, disable the Malwarebytes and isntall the AVG 2014 antivirus. After the installation is complete, run it and scan the whole computer again including the flash drive.

8. Once you are confident that it has scanned the whole computer, you will have install a fresh copy ofWindows. The reason I am saying to re-install the Windows is that this virus has the ability to replace the orignal windows files with the infected files.

One thing to remeber here is to always install a fresh copy. Repair Windows option will not provide good results. So format the C drive or where you have installed the windows and install a fresh copy.

Congrats. Your computer is now clean from runouce.exe and other viruses. For future, always make sure you have a good antivurs present on your system such as AVG 2014.

[Solved] IDM Integration Extension Flagged by Google Chrome

A latest development has occurred at the Google end. Famous software "Internet Download Manager" which is used by millions of users worldwide has stopped working with Google Chrome. The problem is not at the Tonec Inc. end. Google Chrome has falsely identified IDM integration as a malicious extension. This has annoyed a lot of users and they have decided to revert back to Firefox or Opera browser.

Google Chrome has totally blocked this extension and users cannot install it at all. Google has also removed this extension even for those, who installed it some times ago. Luckily there is a solution to fix this problem.

Follow the steps given below to install IDM Integration extension in Google Chrome:

Step 1:

Click on Menu > Settings.
Google Menu > Settings

Scroll down and click on "Show Advanced Settings". Then find the "privacy" and uncheck "Enable phishing and malware protection".

Disable phishing and malware protection in Google Chrome

Now close the Google Chrome.

Step 2:

Go to Internet Download Manager installation directory C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager. Now find the file "IDMGCExt.crx". Now open the Google Chrome and go to extensions page. Now drag and drop the IDMGCExt.crx into Extensions page.
How to install IDM Integration in Google Chrome

Now complete the installation. You need to enable "Allow in Incognito" checkbox.

Step 3:

Now go back to Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings and check the box "Enable phishing and malware protection". This step is important to protect your computer from malware and phishing attacks. [Skip this step].

Now please download something from Google Chrome to check if the extension is working properly or not.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password of PTCL ADSL Modem

Finally your neighbourhood tech savvy kid has hacked your password or you just simply want to change the password of your Wi-Fi then do not worry because I have created a full tutorial for you on how you can change your Wi-Fi password of PTCL ADSL modem. Follow the steps given below to change the password easily.

Step 1:
First make sure you are connected to the internet. Then open up your browser.

Step 2:
Type in the address bar and press enter. You will be asked to enter "User name" and "password". 
How to Change Wi-Fi Password of PTCL ADSL Modem

By default both the username and password is "admin". Enter admin for both username and password and click on login. If you have changed the username and password then enter it. In case if you have forgot the username and password, then call the customer support and request them to change the username and password to default values.

Step 3:
Once logged in, click on Wireless > Security present in the sidebar.
Changing wi-fi password - PTCL modem

Then scroll down to the bottom and look for WPA/WAPI passphrase. This is the password of the Wi-Fi.

Step 4:
Change the password to anything you want. Remember to use a secure password to make sure it doesn't get hacked or stolen in near future. A combination of upper-case, lower-case letters and numbers is the ideal formula of a secure password. Once you have set the password, click on apply/save button. Also save it on a notepad or somewhere safe for future safe.

ProPakistani Hacked - Contains Links to Payday Loans Site

ProPakistani.PK is the leading website in Pakistan which covers the Pakistani telecom sector and IT news. It is quite popular in Pakistan where it has gained an Alexa rank of 153. Today I noticed a weird thing on their website when I opened their website on my mobile phone. I found a link to quick-loans.tripod.co.uk in their header but if you open it on your computer, it is not shown. On further investigation I found that the link was hidden using the following code:

<body class="home blog unknown"><ul style=" height:0px; overflow:hidden"><li><a href="http://quick-loans.tripod.co.uk">http://shortloans.tripod.co.uk</a> payday loans</li></ul>

On opening the website nothing shows up:
Propakistani hacked - 4 July 2013

But when I looked at the source code of the website, I found a link to Payday loans website:

Now there are only two possibilities of this:

A) The site is hacked.
B) Aamir Attaa (owner) is selling links on his site.

I think the option A will be true. There is a lot of heat going on with the spammy Payday loans showing up in the SERPs having links from hacked sites. Google also shows a notification in the Webmaster tools if it detects any unnatural links on a site. Probably Aamir Attaa is unaware of this situation.

You can also see the hidden link by going to view-source:http://propakistani.pk/. Then search for payday loans to see the hidden link.

If Aamir Attaa is reading this, then I strongly recommend him to remove the links ASAP.

Best Solution to Disable Copy/Paste & Right Click on Website

There are a lot of JavaScript available to disable the right click and text selection on webpage but all of them lack the proper functions and almost all of them shows a annoying message when a user clicks on right mouse button like "Right click disabled' or "Copy/paste disabled".

I also faced a similar situation and after searching on Google, I found that there was no script that matches my requirements. So I have created a simple but very effective JavaScript that will disable the copying of text, images and right mouse button. This JavaScript will also disable the commands like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The text will be replaced by your url if some one will try to copy the content from your site.

This is the code:

<script type="text/javascript">function mousedwn(e) { try { if (event.button == 2||event.button == 3) return false; }  catch (e) { if (e.which == 3) return false; }
} document.oncontextmenu = function() { return false; } document.ondragstart   = function() { return false; } document.onmousedown   = mousedwn; </script>

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">if (top.location != self.location) top.location.replace(self.location);</script>
<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">
<script type="text/javascript">document.ondragstart = function(){return false;};</script>
<style type="text/css">*:not(input,textarea) {
    -webkit-touch-callout: none;    -webkit-user-select: none;}
  img {    -webkit-touch-callout: none;    -webkit-user-select: none;     } </style>
<script type='text/javascript'>window.addEventListener("keydown",function (e) {    if (e.ctrlKey && (e.which == 65 || e.which == 67 || e.which == 85 || e.which == 80)) {        e.preventDefault();    }})        document.keypress = function(e) {        if (e.ctrlKey && (e.which == 65 || e.which == 67 || e.which == 85 || e.which == 80)) { } return false; };</script>

You can use this on any website that supports JavaScript including WordPress, blogger blogs and so on.

How to use this:
For blogger blogs, go to Layout> Add a gadget> HTML/JavaScript and paste the code shown above. Click on save.

Some of the unique features of this Javascript are:
  • Disable right click on your site without showing annoying message.
  • Disable copying of images.
  • Prevents your users from using the commands like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • Very fast and easy to use

Let me know what you think of this JavaScript.

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