Telenor secret codes

Telenor menu:*345#
Call Me sms:*11#
Check Ownership:*345*8*6
Check remaining sms:*111#
Gprs settings:All to 131
Fax number:111-345-200
Balance check:*444#
Check Remainig Data:*99#
PTCl Helpline:111-345-100
Telenor Helpline:0345-4555345
Check Remaining Minutes:*22#
Daily Inernet Pacakge:*345*901#
Weekly Inernet Package:*345*902#
Monthly Inernet Package:*345*903#

Telenor Free Gprs

Do you think that anything is free in this world...the answer is "yes".

Now use free Internet in telenor.Here are the steps:

1-Call telenor helpline to activate your gprs.After some minutes they will activate your gprs and send you the setting message.

2-Delete these settings because we need some secret settings to use free Internet.

3-Here are the settings:
Name: Telenor Free by unknown


4-Save these settings and restart your mobile.

5-Now this is the most important part.Send you own number example:03441234567 to 669.

6-You will receive an sms containing a name of city.If it is not that city in which you are now,then you are eligible to use free gprs.

7-Now call again to telenor helpline and tell them to convert your connection to djuice.

8-After exactly 20 minutes, go to your mobile default browser and open this site:

9-When this site opens then write this in search box:-
and press o.k.

10-They will tell you that your attempt was successful.Now close this site and use free gprs.

Not working any more...

Djuice Sms Packages :

Here are SMS packages of Djuice.

1-Bundle 1:
SMS:1200 SMS
Charges:Rs. 7+tax
Validity:7 Days

2-Bundle 2:
SMS:3500 SMS
Charges:Rs. 25+tax
Validity:15 Days

3-Bundle 3:
SMS:7500 SMS
Charges:Rs. 50+tax
Validity:30 Days

4-Bundle 4:
Charges:Rs. 1.5+tax
Validity:24 Hours

Warid GPRS Twilight:

Warid has introduced an exiting package name GPRS twilight. In which you can use unlimited GPRS from 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM for Rs.20+tax.

To Subscribe:

 Write SMS “Data” and send it to 3283.

1 day.

Available for:
Prepaid customers Only.


the data limit per subscription is 100mb.

Ufone Internet Packages:

Now you can enjoy the Internet while you are on the move right from your mobile.

1.Hourly Internet Package:
Charges:Rs. 15 per hour Inclusive of Tax
To activate:Send SMS to 806

2.Daily Internet Package*:
Volume:2 MB
Charges:Rs. 3.99 Inclusive of Tax
Validity:24 Hours
To activate: send SMS to 804

3.Prepaid Mobile Internet :
Volume:5 MB
Charges:Rs. 50 Inclusive of Tax
Validity:15 Days
To activate:Send SMS to 801

4.Prepaid Mobile Internet:
Volume:30 MB
Charges:Rs. 150 Inclusive of Tax
Validity:30 Days
To activate:Send SMS to 802

5.Prepaid Mobile Internet Unlimited:
Volume:1.5 GB
Charges:Rs. 500 Inclusive of Tax
Validity:30 Days
To activate: Send SMS to803

6.Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited:
Charges:Rs. 500/-
Validity:30 Days
To activate:Send SMS to 805

* Auto renewal after 24 hours.
** Fair usage policy of 4 GB apply on Postpaid Mobile Internet package.

Trace Any Number In Pakistan

Now track the location of any number in Pakistan. Just send the number to 689. E.g sends SMS like this. Write number 03211234567 and send it to 689. You will receive an SMS containing the location of that number. This service is free.

This service only shows the city in which the SIM card is bought and it is only working in Telenor only. In a lot of cases, just knowing in which city SIM card is bought proves to be very helpful.

Have a look at other articles about mobile phone tracing:

Zong Internet Packages

Zong is offering exciting internet packages for its customers. Zong is the only company that provides such amazing packages for its customers and its customers are increasing very fast. Here are the zong internet packages.

ZONG Truly Unlimited @ Rs. 400 Month (USB Card + Post paid)

Zong Monthly Package:
Prepaid offer
Monthly Unlimited :Rs. 200*
4 GB bundle: Rs. 400
Truly unlimited: Rs. 999
Postpaid offer
Truly unlimited: Rs. 400
Activation through IVR 905
ZONG Free @ Rs. 10/M

ZONG time based packages :

Rs. 0.25 per min
Applicable for all package plans
To activate dial 905

Sms Sub<Space>Hour to 905
Activation charges Rs. 10

Telenor Wap,GPRS,MMS settings

Telenor GRPS Settings
Access Point Name (Apn)/Node: internet
Login/Username: Telenor (case sensitive)
Password: Telenor (case sensitive)
Prompt Password: No
Authentication: Normal

Telenor WAP Settings
Access Point Name (Apn)
: wap
Login/Username: Telenor
Password: Telenor 
Wap Gateway Ip:
Port (If Required) : 9201
Port (If Required For Http Handsets): 8080

Telenor MMS Settings
Access Point Name (Apn)/Node: mms
Login/Username: Telenor (case sensitive)
Password: Telenor (case sensitive)
Wap Gateway: IP
Port (If Required): 9201
Relay Server/ Messaging Server: http://mmstelenor/ or

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