YouTube Blocked Again on PM Order

29 December 2012 - PTA shut down the public sharing website YouTube again after opening the website for about 2 hours.

PTA ordered the internet service providers in Pakistan to unblock the YouTube at 2:35. But just after 2 hours, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf issued a directive to block the website again. This situation looks like a misunderstanding between PTA and Prime Minister. It is still not clear that who was behind the first order of opening the website.
YouTube Blocked Again on PMa Order

Abdul Rehman Malik was giving hints about lifting the ban on YouTube on Friday and probably he was the person behind the order for opening the YouTube.

Ismail Shah said that the MoITT re-opened the website to check if the anti-Islam content had not been posted on new links and then access was cut off.

Facebook Started Charging Some Users to Send Messages

Facebook has begun a pilot program where users will be charged for sending each message on Facebook.

Facebook is the most visited website in the world. They published a press release on Thursday mentioning a "Small experiment" that will require users to pay a small sum if they want to contact persons they are not directly linked to.
Facebook Started Charging Some Users to Send Messages

Facebook says currently a small amount of people are testing out the pilot program and they are evaluating the data to see if the people are willing to pay the small fee or not.

Facebook says:

“For the receiver, this test allows them to hear from people who have an important message to send them,”
 In 2010, Facebook implemented a new feature where messages from unfamiliar people goes into others folder instead of inbox. So in this pilot program, some select individuals in the U.S. will have to pay a small sum if they want to contact persons they are not directly linked to.

Pakistani Group Hacked 400 Chinese Govt Sites

A group of Pakistani hackers have attacked and defaced more than 400 Chinese government sites. This is the first attack on Chinese websites from Pakistan.
Pakistani Group Hacked 400 Chinese Govt Sites

The person behind this is a hacked who likes to go by the name of "code cracker". and is a part of famous Pakistani Hacking Group "Pakistan Cyber Army". Pakistan Cyber Army is also responsible for hacking many Indian government sites.

After getting control on the sites, the hacker posted his groups' signature defacement image on the official web site of Xuchang City People's Procuratorate.The motive behind this attack is still not clear.

The attack on sites have opened a new discussion that new security measures should be applied and all big websites should re-check their site security to avoid such attacks.

How long it will take to recover those sites? The question is still unanswered.

789 SIMs Activation System Suspended

SIM activation system 789 has been suspended on the directive of PTA due to which thousands of sims could not be activated.

Customers who bought SIMs from outlets and franchises in past 2 days failed to get their SIMs activated due to suspension of 789 SIMs activation system.

On calling 789, customers found the following recorded message:
Our company has been ordered by PTA to suspend SIM Activation System 789 to stop SIMs sale at customer care centres, franchises and retail shops as per directives of Ministry of Interior, which earlier proposed a new system of SIMs sale to the residents of customers.

Despite the orders given by Prime Minister to continue SIMs selling via initial system 789 with NADRA confirmation, the companies have not obtained the directive so far, thus the selling of SIMs has been ceased.

"We have been awaiting the alert of PTA using the directives of the pm" said by an official.

FBR Devising Strategy to tax Google

FBR(Federal Board of Revenue), which is responsible for taxing big and small businesses & individuals has decided to tax Google's income from Pakistan.

All Adsense payments can be taxed

Authorities at FBR are trying to devise a strategy to tax adsense payments. Until now it is still not clear if the advertisers or Google itself will come under tax net or not?

The main target will be publishers. For years webmasters are earning a fair amount of money from Google Adsense without paying any taxes but not so long because it is just a matter of fact when FBR will devise the exact strategy to tax those individuals.

According to our sources, not all publishers will come under tax net. Only those publishers earning high volumes or fair amount of money will be affected more.

The default payment method of Google Adsense is Western Union for individual publishers and Cheque for businesses. So FBR will have to find a way to tax the publishers on these payment methods.

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