SIM activation system 789 has been suspended on the directive of PTA due to which thousands of sims could not be activated.

Customers who bought SIMs from outlets and franchises in past 2 days failed to get their SIMs activated due to suspension of 789 SIMs activation system.

On calling 789, customers found the following recorded message:
Our company has been ordered by PTA to suspend SIM Activation System 789 to stop SIMs sale at customer care centres, franchises and retail shops as per directives of Ministry of Interior, which earlier proposed a new system of SIMs sale to the residents of customers.

Despite the orders given by Prime Minister to continue SIMs selling via initial system 789 with NADRA confirmation, the companies have not obtained the directive so far, thus the selling of SIMs has been ceased.

"We have been awaiting the alert of PTA using the directives of the pm" said by an official.