Now watch TV Channels on your mobile which supports streaming. There is a list of 50+ TV channels with their streaming links given below. The list includes regional, entertainment, news, music and sports channels.

Regional Channels:

 Madani Channel Low 

News Channels:

 Star News Low 
 CNBC Awaz High 
 NDTV India Low 
 Times Now Low 
 NDTV 24/7 Low 
 CNBC 18 High 
 CCTV Low 
 TV 2 News High 

Sports Channels:

 Star Cricket High
 Air Sports Low 

Entertainment Channels:

 TA3 Low High
 Joj Tv Low High
 Zoo Vision High
 AFTV Cartoon Low
 AFTV Adventure Low
 AFTV Classics Low
 AFTV Crime Low
 AFTV Comedy Low
 AFTV Mystery Low
 AFTV SciFi Low
 AFTV Horror Low
 Americans ! Vote Abroad High
 Clubbing High
 Fashion Tv Low High
 WWF Low
 PDF Low 

Music Channels:

 B4u Music Low
 Zing Music Low High
 Ocko Music Low High
 Music Box Low
 iMusic Low
 Hollywood Live Low
 Colors Hindi Low
 MTv Live Low
 India Tv Low High
 NewsX Low High
 ETV2 Low High
 StudioN Low High
 Raj News Low High