Infolinks High Paying Keywords

Here is a list of Infolinks High paying keywords. These keywords don't have a high competition so there are chances that you can rank for these keywords easily:

  • Web Conference
  • Personal Loan
  • Freeconference
  • reward cards
  • buy it online
  • Free forex trading course
  • Education loans
  • Shared web hosting
  • Student Loan
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal loan calculator
  • bad credit loan
  • Federal student loans
  • Hire a Lawyer
  • Auto Insurance
  • Insurance claims
  • Structured Settlement Investments
  • Mesothelioma Lawyers San Diego
  • Phoenix dui lawyers

How To Buy A Domain Using Alterpay?

Now you can also buy a domain name using funds from your Alterpay account. All the famous domain name providers usually accepts payments through Paypal and Credit cards. It feels really bad when you have funds but there is no way to use it. Here is a list of sites which accepts Alterpay payments:

Some of them also supports Shared web hosting.

Why Gold Prices Are Rising?

Why gold prices in Pakistan and all over the world are rising???
This question arised in my mind yesterday. So i searched it over the internet and found the reason. China, India and other major countries have decided to convert their money reserves of US Dollars into gold because the condition of dollar is just like a balloon. It can burst at any time.
One reality the america has to admit is that they are no more super power. It is just a matter of time when the power will be transferred to Asia. China is in good condition of becoming a super power. China has plans of converting all of its money which is in dollar into gold.

Education Loans In Pakistan

Student loan scheme has been launched by NBP(National Bank Of Pakistan) in collaboration with other major banks in Pakistan. All of these loans will be interest free which makes this scheme more attractive. Actually there is a great need of Education Loans in Pakistan because the literacy rate is still quite low in Pakistan. Almost all banks are offering Personal loans but there are only few banks which offer Education Loans.


Types of Loans:

Schedule Fee
Paid directly to the
Boarding expenses excluding meal charges
Procurement of textbooks--- Disbursed directly to the student

Repayment of Loans:
The maximum period of repayment of loan is 10-Years from the date of disbursement of first installment. The borrower shall repay the loan in monthly installment after six months from the date of first employment or one year from the date of completion of studies, which ever is earlier.

Under the Scheme, loans is available in the following subjects.
Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical  Technology
Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics
Other Natural Sciences
DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence
(LL.B/LL.M Sharia)
Computer Science/Information
System and Technology including hardware.
Economics, Statistics and Econometrics
Business Management Sciences

Application forms can be downloaded from here.

Rs. 2 Radio Tax On Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge

A news is spreading in the market that a tax of Rs 2 on 100 Rs mobile load will be imposed and this tax will be applicable after the budget of 2012.

This is totally ridiculous. Government is trying to implement all the taxes on telecom industry of Pakistan which is not fair. An official of mobile company said that they will oppose it.

The person who is responsible for this is Firdous Ashiq Awan. This tax will reduce the speed of growth of telecom sector because they are already bearing a lot of burden of taxes.

Download Youtube Videos Directly On Your Mobile

Finally I have found a new way of downloading YouTube videos directly on your mobile. No software is needed for downloading YouTube videos. Many times such situation appears when we hardly needs to download a video on our mobile but can't download it.
Here is the trick to download YouTube Videos:

1. Go to the URL of the video you want to download:

2. Replace "m." from the url with "ss".

3. Press the O.K button.

4. You will see the available formats for downloading YouTube video. Select the format which is compatible with your mobile and download it.
That's it...Download the video and watch...

Huge List Of Conference Calling Companies

Here is a "Huge List Of Conference Calling Companies" over the internet. Conference calling saves your money and time. There are a lot of conference calling websites while some are free and some are not.

I have compiled a list of popular conference calling companies including both free and paid:

Free Conference Call:
Offering free conference call services and corporate phone conferencing at best prices.

Powwownow US:
Make your conference call today with Powwownow today. No booking, no billing, no fuss.
Site: offers a free service for you to meet by telephone with your customers, relatives or colleagues.

A very popular and widely used service is Skype. They also offer their services for free conference calls for business & corporate use.

Their services are only available within Pakistan. More details can be found here .
They provide a wide range of value added conference calling solutions including audio and web conferencing, online meetings and teleconferencing.

They offers web conferencing, video conferencing and more.


Their services include reservation less conference calling and phone conference calling. They have flexible business plans for conference calling.

AB Conference Calls:

The best way of conducting a meeting wherein the participants could have it in different places is to be able to schedule for a conference call.

It is like traditional conference calling service like others.

EasyCall Communications
As the name indicates, it is the easiest way to make conference call online.

Here are some other companies:

Earning Money From Amazon In Pakistan

The concept of earning money online in Pakistan is still new and people usually thinks that it is not possible and they have a reason for it. There are a lot of people trying to cheat Pakistani people with attractive titles like "Earn $1000 at home ". Well it is not possible if you are new in this business. It requires a lot of patience and hard work from your end.
Today I will show you how you can make money (more than Adsense) with Amazon. Amazon is an online store at which sellers and buyers meet. You can become an Amazon Affiliate by going here. Go there and complete the sign up. After logging in you will a search box. From this box, you can search any product you want to promote. You will earn 10-15% of the total money when some one buys a product using your link. 

Forex Trading In Urdu

Here is a tutorial of Forex trading in Urdu language for you.

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Careers

There are excellent career opportunities at Standard Charted Bank Pakistan. There will be a lot of development opportunities at Standard Charted.

Standard Charted is a world where inspirations and chances to go high in life never ends. Joining standard charted will secure your life and offer great rewards.

Contact them for career opportunity at standard charted.

Standard Charted Bank In Pakistan

Standard Chartered bank is also present in Pakistan. It has ranked in the top 25. Standard Chartered has been in the business of banking for 150 years with over 1,200 branches all over the world.
There are a lot of branches of Standard Charted bank in Pakistan. Here is a list of their branches with address in Pakistan.
Standard Charted Bank Branches In Pakistan:




PAC-PAD 1 Ebook

Download report created by me about Pakistan's First IPAD. It contains latest images of PAC-PAD 1 and its specifications.
Download: PAC-PAD 1 Ebook
share this page with your friends so that others will also know about this great invention.

Pakistan's First IPad | Made By PAF

Pakistan Air Force and Chinese engineers has assembled an Ipad named "PACPAD 1". Pakistan's first IPad and it is now available in market.

The PAC-PAD 1 runs on Android 2.3 OS and the price is 15,500 Rs approximately. The gadget comes with a 1 year warranty also. The engineers who have made the Pakistan's first iPad says there main goal is to strengthen the national economy.

  • A 7 inch display screen with HD resolution.
  • Multi touch ability.
  • Amazing web browsing experience.
  • Android OS
  • Cheap in price
  • A great piece of art
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 3D games
  •  256 MB ram
  • 10 hours music timing

PAC-PAD 1 Specifications:
PAC-Pad 1
You can also buy it online from here .

Warid Free GPRS 2012

I have found a new way of using free gprs service from Warid. The method is new and working. The trick is still in beta mode and i am still working on it to make it better. At current you can only open Google and Facebook with this trick.
First make sure you have at least 3 RS in your account. Then open Google and Facebook and save them. After saving them go to settings of your mobile and change your internet settings:
Connection Name: Warid beta
IP Adress:
Port: 9201
APN: wap.warid
Authentication: no
Username: N/A
Password: N/A

Save these settings and restart your mobile. Now open the save page and start surfing. You can download images using Google image search totally free. Download limit is 300 KB. You can even use Facebook with this trick. This works on default browsers only.
If any one of you is expert in this stuff, then please try to make this trick more use full.
Leave a comment if you are facing any problem.

Free Forex Trading Account

Make a Free Forex Trading Account and learn the basics of Forex trading without investing. Forex trading will be a great opportunity for Pakistani people.
There are a lot of sites offering free demo accounts for forex trading and also offers free training.
Here is a list of sites which offers free forex trading courses:
Copy paste the links into new tab to open them...

Who is SAJ Shirazi?

An old man with nothing to do. He has no work and that's why he concentrates on his blogging passion.
I think he use some kind of color for his hairs. Have a look at him closely. What kind of impression arises in your mind???
A man in 3 piece, smiling like he has won a million dollar prize.
He is currently running a lot of blogs like Light Within but there is one thing common in all of his blogs. You will not understand what he is talking about. He likes to visit distant areas of Pakistan. He also writes in many newspapers. 
One thing i have to admit is his blog has PR3 and a lot of visitors which shows he has a special ability. 
Every man in this world has some weak points just like Shirazi. What ever i think about Shirazi, i want to say only one thing about him is that i respect him. The few introductory lines i have written above are just a joke.

Sometimes he also write about making money but he never reveals how he has set up all the stuff. His relations with other bloggers are also good.
One thing at last:
@ shirazi: Why you write in such sophisticated language?

Hey, S A J Shirazi if you are reading this post then feel free to shoot your thoughts.

How to Apply For an Australian Student Visa

A guide for Pakistani students on how to apply for an Australian student visa. Any one who wants to study in Australia needs a student visa. With student visa you can travel and even enter or leave the Australia for the registered duration of the course. 

What is Visa Application Processing Fee?
Student visa application processing fee is Rs 22900 and it is totally non-refundable, so apply carefully.

How long it takes to process my application?
Australian visa office takes around 12 weeks(almost 84 days). 

Requirements of Student Visa:
letter from a CRICOS registered Australian institute, IELTS, Good health, Financial resources.

Authorized testing Agencies for IELTS:

  • Australian education office
  • British Council

Datesheet SSC Part II (10th Class) 2012

Here is the "Datesheet SSC Part II (10th Class) 2012". All subjects date sheet of Lahore board is available here to view and download free.
Date Sheet 10 class 2012
Right click on image to save it and then view it. It will be more clear after saving it.
OR you can download the date sheet here:  Download  

Maya Angelou: "Obama has Delivered"

Maya Angelou is a poet of America and in her view barack Obama has delivered. Her birthday 4 april always bring some joy and some painful memories. She said that He’ll be re-elected. He deserves to be re-elected. But between now and November, it’s going to get nasty.

“I think we are going to see a number of people who say: ‘I have no racial prejudice in my heart, not in my conversation,’” Angelou says. “But in the next few months, as we wind up to the double campaign, I tell you we are going to see some nastiness, some vulgarity, I think. They’ll pull the sheets off.”

Forex Trading In Pakistan

Forex trading has been becoming popular in Pakistan as the internet service is approaching every where but it is more popular in people belonging to banking sector. Forex trading is not a game of children, it requires a lot of investment and patience. I personally know a lot of people who are investing  more than 30000 RS in this business and don't even getting a penny in return. In my opinion Forex trading is only for professional people because they know the trends of market and know what is the right time to sell or buy.

What is Forex trading ?
Forex trading is normally done through a broker. You have to buy a currency which you expect will increase in value and then sell it when it reaches at a significant amount. The whole thing happens within a few minutes.

How to start it ?
I would highly suggest you that you should first open a demo account and learn Forex trading before entering into this business because you have to learn the do's and do not's of this business.

Download Admission Form Intermediate Part I/II(Private Candidates)

Download admission form for Intermediate Part1/2 2012. This admission form is for private candidates only.

Print the admission form on a 80 gram legal size page, otherwise your admission form can be rejected.

Warid Karachi Offer - Free Calls

Warid Telecom has introduced a new offer named as "Warid Karachi Offer" in which the residents of Karachi can make absolutely free calls to all other Warid numbers. The timing for these free calls will be 12am to 12pm.

  • The timing for these free calls will be 12am to 12pm.
  • Daily charges are 3.99+tax and will be automatically deducted.
  • To activate the Karachi Offer SMS "KHI" to 4337.
  • Offer is valid for residents of Karachi only.
Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Offer will expire at 12 am.
  • Karachi offer is applicable only for Warid to Warid calls.

Ultimate method Of Getting 500000 Visitors Per Day

Today i am going to share a "Ultimate method Of Getting 5000 Visitors Per Day".....!!!
This method does not require any SEO or blog commenting or even no Internet. I am 100% sure that no guru know about this method of getting a stream of visitors to your site. 

This method will be the beginning of a new era on Internet. I have already gave a name to this method "Web 9.0". In the next 24 hours there will be million of visitors present on my blog to see the "Ultimate method Of Getting 500000 Visitors Per Day.
You will be probably thinking that in the next paragraph i will ask you for money. But you are wrong. No money needed for this amazing method. I will not tell you to go and build backlinks or content is king. No man, the method is quite simple and will produce the traffic for your whole life.

Explore Whole World In 3D On Your Phone

Explore Whole World In 3D On Your Java or Symbian Phone. As you know Google Earth is not supported on Java and Old Symbian phones but that does not mean that you can not enjoy the feeling that you can explore the world by just sitting on a chair.
Yesterday i just downloaded "Google Maps" from . I was shocked to see that it has a option of satellite view. Previously i don't know that this function is also present in it. You can select the satellite view by going to options. You can find the real state of traffic and even use it while driving to find your way.
There is another amazing feature in Google Maps. Go to help and select my location(beta).

Google Maps + Mobile = Fun and Information

This will show your current location. This function only works on high end mobiles.
Make sure you have unlimited data plan before using it. Also remember to clear the map before closing it to keep its size small.

Find the location through IP Adress

An article about "Find the location through IP Adress" in Urdu language.

Free Pakistani 16 Live Tv Channel on Ufone

Now watch Free Pakistani 16 Live Tv Channel on Ufone. Just use these settings and enjoy:

Connection Name: Ufone Tv

Access Piont Name: ufone.pmms
User Name: Blank
Password :Blank

Port: 3128

Realplayer Setting:

Defulat Access Point:Ufone Tv 

Gprs Bandwidth
99.99 kbit/s
Egprs Bandwidth
199.99 kbit/s

Download the attachment and after downloading remove the .sis from name.

Zong Free Internet Trick

Here is the Zong Free Internet Trick. All you have to do is to change the default settings of Zong and change the port number to 3128. This method is 100% working and last checked on Feb 2012.
So enjoy this free internet trick....
{Not working anymore}

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