Explore Whole World In 3D On Your Java or Symbian Phone. As you know Google Earth is not supported on Java and Old Symbian phones but that does not mean that you can not enjoy the feeling that you can explore the world by just sitting on a chair.
Yesterday i just downloaded "Google Maps" from m.google.com . I was shocked to see that it has a option of satellite view. Previously i don't know that this function is also present in it. You can select the satellite view by going to options. You can find the real state of traffic and even use it while driving to find your way.
There is another amazing feature in Google Maps. Go to help and select my location(beta).

Google Maps + Mobile = Fun and Information

This will show your current location. This function only works on high end mobiles.
Make sure you have unlimited data plan before using it. Also remember to clear the map before closing it to keep its size small.