An old man with nothing to do. He has no work and that's why he concentrates on his blogging passion.
I think he use some kind of color for his hairs. Have a look at him closely. What kind of impression arises in your mind???
A man in 3 piece, smiling like he has won a million dollar prize.
He is currently running a lot of blogs like Light Within but there is one thing common in all of his blogs. You will not understand what he is talking about. He likes to visit distant areas of Pakistan. He also writes in many newspapers. 
One thing i have to admit is his blog has PR3 and a lot of visitors which shows he has a special ability. 
Every man in this world has some weak points just like Shirazi. What ever i think about Shirazi, i want to say only one thing about him is that i respect him. The few introductory lines i have written above are just a joke.

Sometimes he also write about making money but he never reveals how he has set up all the stuff. His relations with other bloggers are also good.
One thing at last:
@ shirazi: Why you write in such sophisticated language?

Hey, S A J Shirazi if you are reading this post then feel free to shoot your thoughts.