How to Remove Default Tab Extension in Google Chrome

Default Tab extension is actually a browser hijacker extension and it usually comes along with free games or other products. After its installation, when you open the Google Chrome next time, a new default tab opens up with a search function instead of showing a blank page or the page you have set as homepage.

How to Remove Default Tab Extension in Google Chrome

I also faced a similar situation when my brother installed a free game and this browser hijacker was packed with the game. After its installation, it changed the default tab in Google Chrome to a website with search option. I tried removing this extension by going to wrench menu > Extensions > Default tab but it showed up again next time. I tried deleting it from Add/Remove Programs but it comes again. Luckily I found a way to get rid of Default Tab extension.

Follow the steps given below to remove Default tab:

Step 1: Go to wrench icon > Extensions and remove the default tab extension.

Step 2: Close the Google Chrome.

Step 3: Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall the Default tab.

Step 4: Open the Task Manager and kill the process "Default tab". The name of the process will be similar to default tab.

Step 5: Go to C:\Program Files and delete the folder "Default Tab".

Now open the Google Chrome and you will see that the Default tab extensions is gone now. Now run a virus scan to make sure that there are no other viruses on your computer.

Check Your Polling Station Details By Sending SMS

If you are still wondering where you are supposed to go and cast your vote and do not know your polling station then do not worry because you cane easily find out the details of your designated polling station by sending out a SMS.

Here is the procedure to check out your polling station:

  • Create a new SMS
  • Enter your CNIC with dashes
  • Send the SMS to 8300
You will get a reply in a few seconds from the ECP containing your polling station details. Have a look at an example of the SMS you will get:
SMS reply from ECP 8300
The reply will be in the Urdu language. The "silsila number" is the serial number. More than 40 million people have already availed this service. Do not waste time and check out your polling station now if you want to to cast your vote.

You can send multiple SMS to 8300 to find the polling station of all of your family members.

Payoneer Global Bank Transfers now Available in Pakistan

Payoneer has just announced a new update via their blog that Pakistani Rupees is now added to list of supported currencies for Global Bank Transfer services. Recently they added Kenyan shillings and now PKR!

The service will not be so expensive as it only costs $2.99 per payment and users can receive their payments from the Payoneer partners in Pakistani Rupee instead of US Dollar ($). Payoneer is providing a number of services like US payment service (Direct deposit), card to card payment, Global Bank Transfer, receiving funds directly on your card etc.

If you are already using the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer service and want to recieve funds in PKR instead of US Dollar, then contact the Payoneer service department at

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