A lot of people asks me that how to get a Free Credit Card in Pkistan without any bank account. Well you can get a free master debit card from Payoneer. You can use it to:
1-Do online shopping
2-Pay to your web host or domain provider
3-Can receive payments from others
and it do everything a debit card has to...........

You can get this debit card free by their partner sites. Here is the list of their partner websites:

  • Freelancing
  • Payment processing
    • 2CheckOut
    • Plimus
    • FastSpring
    • WebMoney
  • Advertising
    • MediaWhiz
    • Bux.to
    • Copeac
    • ROIRocket
    • IncentReward
There are no shipping charges and you will receive the card within 25 business days. You can load amount into your card by Western Union.
You can withdraw money from any Standard Charted Bank.