How can I prolong my tab’s battery time?
Following are some of the factors that contribute towards quick drain out of the battery
  • Non-stop data transfer using 3G & Wi-Fi.
  • Setting display settings to Maximum Brightness
  • Syncing applications running continuously in background.
To conserve your battery
  • Be sure to turn your 3G & Wi-Fi connections Off while they are not in use.
  • Set your screen brightness to “Auto Brightness” settings.
  • For syncing applications, either increase the sync interval or avoid using syncing applications continuously.
How can I make my GPS connection determine my exact location?
To make optimal use of GPS for exact location determination, please use your Tab in open air and ensure to turn on your Wi-Fi, GPS, Assisted GPS & location; which will help to fetch your exact location. Please note that turning all of these connections on would increase your battery consumption, so be sure to turn them off after use.
Why does my tab get slowed down at times?
To make optimal use of your Tab’s processing power, please be sure
  • Make sure that there is some free space in your SD card.
  • Kill syncing apps running in the background which you do not want to use all the time.
  • Kill idle background applications using Task killer App which can be easily downloaded from the android market Free of charge.
What can I do if my camera does not work?
To make your camera work, please be sure that you have an SD card inserted into your tab’s SD card slot. Also make sure that you have ample free memory in your SD card for photo storage. On your installed Apps menu, you’ll find “SD card” icon, please use this function to move some of your downloaded content to your SD card to make your tab work more smoothly. Conversely you can also install “Apps to SD” application which automatically alerts you about the applications which can be moved to the SD card.
Can I use Skype to make video calls?
No, Skype for Android at present does not support Froyo 2.2 based gadgets, however you can use skype to make voice calls to your skype contacts.