Today i am going to share a "Ultimate method Of Getting 5000 Visitors Per Day".....!!!
This method does not require any SEO or blog commenting or even no Internet. I am 100% sure that no guru know about this method of getting a stream of visitors to your site. 

This method will be the beginning of a new era on Internet. I have already gave a name to this method "Web 9.0". In the next 24 hours there will be million of visitors present on my blog to see the "Ultimate method Of Getting 500000 Visitors Per Day.
You will be probably thinking that in the next paragraph i will ask you for money. But you are wrong. No money needed for this amazing method. I will not tell you to go and build backlinks or content is king. No man, the method is quite simple and will produce the traffic for your whole life.

All it needs a permanent marker(Black colour) prefered.

Ultimate method Of Getting 500000 Visitors Per Day:
Get the adresses of all the public bathrooms in your city. Then take the marker with you and starts writing your site adress on every bathroom. People will become curious about the site and will definitely open your site. Do the same stuff as many times depending on the amount of traffic you need.
Please do not copy this amazing article without giving proper credit to my blog. I am the owner of this method. I am aslo thinking of making it patent and copyrighted to make sure that nobody steals it:D