Today i will show you how to choose a secure password for your email or computer.

1-Password Length:-
Basic thing is the length of your password.It should be minmum of 16 characters.Most of the password crackers can crack passwords from 1-15 characters.So your password shoud contain 16 characters.

2-Password Combination:-
Your password should be a combination of letters(a-z) and numbers(0-9).

3-Choosing a Password:-
Now this is the most important part.Donot use a password which is a common word or a word which is present in dictionary.All password crackers uses the dictionary attacks to break your password.
For example:
apple,clock,cricket,racing... all these words are present in dictionary.
Always use such type of passwords:

Actually it is a sentence john-is-my-best-friend-123.You see it consist of more than 15 characters and it is also a combination of letters and numbers and it is not present in dictionary.

I hope this help you.