You can use free internet on your mobile device if your network is Mobilink Jazz. You can browse websites, download content, upload pictures and a lot more totally free. A new trick for using free internet is floating in different forums and I have checked it. It is 100% working.

Use the settings given below:

Connection Name: Jazz 2013
Port: 80
Authentication: Normal
Username: (leave emty)
Password: (leave empty)

You can only use free internet on Opera Mini browser handler. Click here to download Opera Mini handler. Handler settings are already configured in the browser. Just use the settings given above to browse free internet. 

Download: Opera Mini 5 Handler

If you have downloaded opera mini handler from somewhere else and need handler settings, then use these:

Custom HTTP Server:
Custom socket server: socket://

Leave all other fields empty and click on O.K.

Update: The proxy given above is not working any more. Please use this proxy: and port:80.