From: Naeem Arshad

Assalamu Allakum,

Most Respected Sir,
I humbly admitted that I have ability to see Political future of Pakistan through dreams.
My ability to see future, through dreams, is God Gifted. 
I am not a great person; I am just an ordinary and common man. 

I have seen these dreams in August and September 2011. But I think this time is coming and major developments are happening.
I see future 

1.    President Asif Ali Zardari government will be dissolved or he will face a biggest challenge of his government before Nov 30, 2011.
2.    Altaf Hussain Bhi, MQM Leader, will have to face a biggest challenge of his entire political life before Dec 15, 2011. (I can not mention furthermore about Altaf Hussain).
3.    Chief Justice of Pakistan will create problems for Pakistan Army. 
Chief Justice of Pakistan will be next President of Pakistan. In other words, he will be Chief Executive of Pakistan before Jan 19, 2012.

4.    Mustafa Kamal, Former Nazim of Karachi, will be become next MQM Leader before Jan 23, 2012. 
I have been seeing dream from Last 23 Years.
I have sent my predictions to all newspapers on October 18, 2010. 
Finality rests with Almighty Allah and Only Almighty Allah knows the best.

I request you to please send me your reply.
Your reply is precious for me.
Please send your reply.
I am waiting for your reply.