Blogger has been trying to make blogger blogs more SEO friendly and the introduction of Custom Robot Header tags is just a fine example of this. Now you don't need to add tags in the head section of your template manually because now you can do it by setting up the custom robot header tags.

Follow the steps given below:

1. Go to settings menu of your blog.
2. Select Search Preferences.
3. Scroll down and enable the Custom Robot Header tags by clicking on edit:
Step 2 - Custom Robot Header Tags in Blogger

4. Click Yes for Enable custom robots header tags and click on Save Changes.
5.  Use the settings given in screenshot:
Step 5 - Custom Robot header tags

By using noindex and noarchive for "Archive and Seach pages", all archive pages of your blog indexed in Google Search, will be removed which is better for SEO. having archive pages in Google can lead to Google Panda penalty due to duplicate content.

Remember to use this function carefully. If you do not know anything about these tags then just follow the screenshot given above exactly.

**This post is written by Guest Author who blogs at Secret Black Hat blog.**