Allama Iqbal Airport is located in Lahore - Capital of province Punjab. The airport is an economic hub for the Lahore. The old airport was not equipped with the modern infrastructure due to which the whole building of the airport was rebuilt again keeping in view the modern airports of the world.

Have a look at the satellite image of the Allama Iqbal Airport:
sattelite view of lahore airport

The old building of Airport was not so big as compared to the current building. The old building is now used as camp for Pilgrims during the Hajj Season. Have a look at the old building for Airport:
sattelite image of old airport lahore
There are 5 terminals present in the Airport. So at a time up to 5 flights can be managed:
3rd satellite image of lahore airport
The airport has its own Mosque where the workers and officers can offer prayer:
mosque of lahore airport
The surroundings of the airport was empty in the beginning but now different housing schemes have been build around the airport. One of them is Askari X:
Askari X
The Airport remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Allama Iqbal Airport is an important part of the Lahore. There are several buildings under construction in the surroundings of the airport which will be future hotels and shopping malls.

The following picture shows Pace Shopping Mall under construction:
pace shopping mall lahore cantt
A branch of Metro Cash & carry store is also present which serves as a quality store for the residents of Askari X and neighborhood areas.
metro cash & carry lahore

I hope you will enjoy these satellite images of the airport.