Create your own farm at home and become a millionaire.

Start your own buisness and start earning. Chicken farming is a profitable buisness and it does not requires a huge investment.I will show you how to make a chicken farm and start your business.

Lesson#1-Creating and running your farm
1-A piece of land:
You must have a piece of land to start the business.Try to buy a small piece of land or take it on lease. I will suggest you to buy a piece of land in backward area because it will be cheap.

2-Creating farm:
Hire some labours and order them to make a room like structure of 6 feet height,30 feet lenght and 30 feet width. Make two gates and 4 windows of large size. Make a small farm in begining and save money.
Now paint your farm with some insulating material so that it never becomes hot in summer.

3-Buying Equipments:
After the structure is complete you have to buy a room cooler for chickens.Buy earthen ware plates and bowls for chickens.

4-Buying chickens:

Buy 20-30 egg giving chickens and 15 kg of feed which is specially made for egg giving chickens.

5-Runing the farm:
Now this is the main step.Ask your brother to help you in running the farm or do it yourself.Feed the chickens two times in a day. One in the morning 6:00 A.M. and one in evening 6:00 P.M . Wash their earthen ware vessels and clean the farm 4 times a day.

6-Vaccination of chickens:
Vaccinate the chickens after every two months and protect them for bird flu and other diseases.

7-collecting eggs:
Collect the eggs in morning and store them in refrigrator or in a cool place.

End of lesson#1 

Lesson#2-Earning through your farm

A chicken gives 200-250 eggs in a year.If you have 20 chickens then they will give 4000 eggs in a year.The current rate of egg is 6 Rs.So you will get 24000 Rs. in one year.If Your investment(buying feed,earthenware vessels etc) on them will be approximately 10000.So you earn a profit of 14000.Now sale your chickens to butchers shop's.You will get 3600-4000 from them.Now repaint your farm and buy 50 chickens this time.In the next year these 50 chickens will give 12500 eggs and you will get 62500 Rs by selling them.This time you will get 40000 RS profit.
Increase your chickens every year.In next 10 years you will generate a revenue of 400,000 RS. pure profit.

*End of topic*