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I will show you how to grow vegetables on roof and make money through it.

1-First you need a plastic sheet of 10 by 10 feet. Spread it on your roof and place bricks on that sheet.This will prevent your roof from leaking.

2-Place a layer of cement on bricks. Now make a boundary outside the sheet and allow to structure to dry. Now collect fertile soil from some garden or field and fill it inside the boundary.Now buy a green house net and spread it at 10 feet height with pipes or sticks.This will prevent water loss.

3-Choose the right vegetable to grow. As i was living in pakistan so i will suggest to grow tomatoes. Go to a shop and buy tomato seeds and plant them in your nursery. Water them 4 times a day.

4-When the tomatoes ripes, eat them or sell them. In both cases you will save money.

The most important thing is these vegetables will be fertilizer free and healthy to use.

5-Grow vegetables according to climate and choose that vegetable to grow which is expensive and then sell them and earn money.I also earn 100$ in just one month by growing vegetables.

6-Grow your vegetable business every year and increse your income.