You can earn 25000-50000 RS per month without investing a single penny. I know you will be excited that how to earn this huge money. Nothing special is required and you will get money by Just sleeping at home.

How to earn:
So i am revealing the secret for you.If you have your own home then you can earn money. There are currently five mobile networks in pakistan and they are trying to increase the signal strength and coverge of their network in whole Pakistan. They need places to place their towers. So you can rent your roof to them. They will place the tower on your roof and gives you money every month.
Just contact to their office in your area.
Many people are earning money through it without investing a single penny.

But ther is just one problem?
Modern researches have shown that these towers emits signals which are harmful for human health and can even cause brain hemarage. But do not worry observations have shown that nothing happens to poeple having tower on their roof.
The choice is yours...Money or life...

But if you really need money badly then it will not be a bad choice.