1-Mobile repairing and mobile recharging shop:
This is the most profitable business. You can open such a shop in just 50,000 RS. and you can earn 9000-50000 RS per month.

2-Selling/repairing UPs and Generators:
Becuase of load shedding of electricty, the people of Pakistan are buying UPS,Generator very fastly. You can open such a shop in 500,000 RS and you can earn 20000-100,000 per month.

3-Real estate:
Buying houses and then selling them on high price is also a profitable business.Every deal you made between two parties can get you 10000-10,00,000 RS.

4-Butcher's shop:
You can open such a shop in just 1-3 lakh RS. You can take orders from hotels and can earn upto 8000-30000 per month.

5-Inernet Cafe:
You can create a interent cafe with 5-10 computers and a internet connection and then allowing others to use internet at 30-40 RS per day.

6-Stock Exchange:
This is also a profitable business but there is too much risk in this buisness.