This is a tutorial on how to get fast speed in Mobilink Jazz. So we proceed to our topic on how to fastest jazz internet. All of us usually experience slow speed of internet but do not know how to solve it. In most cases using the appropriate settings solve the problem. Never use other settings which are not recommended by your network provider. Let proceed to our main topic "How to get fastest internet of Mobilink Jazz" without wasting the time because i know your time is precious and i am not going to waste it. So here is the trick:

"This trick only contains one step, So read carefully. All you need is to activate your flash settings by dialling 111. Dial 111 and then press 1 and then press "0". Your call will be transfered to customer help center. Then tell the customer care officer to activate your flash settings. Then save the settings recieved by Mobilink and restart your mobile. Now use Gprs with fast settings."

If you are still facing some problems then let me know, I will try my best to solve your problem.