Many Jazz users are saying that their gprs service is deactivated without any notice. This deactivation problem is because of the fact that Jazz has recently implemented a fair usage policy of 50 MB per day. The users who exceeds this limit got their gprs deactiavted when they call Jazz helpline the operator says that your gprs is active and their is no problem. 
Luckilly i have figured out some solutions for this problem:

1)Call helpline and tell them to deactivate your gprs service and then next day call again and tell them to activate your gprs
2)Send a empty message to 6006. Your gprs will be activated after 24 hours
3)If the above 2 mehtods does not work then wait for 2 weeks and then try them again

Here are some precautions to prevent such condition in future:
*)Do not exceed the daily limit of 50 MB.

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