At the end of this post you will be able to:-

1-Increase the gprs/edge speed of zong, telenor, warid, jazz and ufone
2-Open websites fastly on mobile
3-Downloading contents faster on mobile
4-Uploading data on the go
5-Getting email faster
All of us know that the gprs or edge speed depends on transfer rate. Transfer rate is maximum at some places and minimum at some places. SO the whole game is "transfer rate". Today i will share my experience that how i always get maximum transfer rate without any extra charges and enjoy high speed internet.

But first of all we should know what is "Transfer rate"?
"Transfer rate is actually the ratio of data send and recieved from the respected server".

If the transfer rate is maximum, the mobile will recieve more bytes then the bytes sent by your mobile. On the other hand, if the bytes recieved are less than bytes sent by your mobile you will get very slow speed. Getting maximum transfer rate is not a difficult task to attain.
So here are my suggestions to get faster gprs, edge speed(Transfer rate) in Pakistan:

1-First of all clear the cache, cookies and history of your mobile browser
2-Move to a higher place to get better signal coverage which will result in better transfer rate
3-Do not hold your mobile in hand while downloading data because some times it cause signal interferance. So simply place it on table
4-Make sure you have the orignal mutimedia settings of your operator
5-Move to the nearest tower of your mobile operator. Trust me it is the best method 
"Here are the transfer rates i get from this method:
Jazz-50 kb/s
Warid-52 kb/s
Zong-29 kb/s
Telenor-66 kb/s
Ufone:55 kb/s"

6-Place your mobile on the gas meter while downloading. I know it sounds crazy but it works for me and my friends
7-Install network accelerator on your mobile.
8-Use UC browser for downloading and Opera Mini for browsing.

So these are my tricks for getting faster tranfer rate. 
Waitng for your comments......!