LG GD330 Secret Codes first time on internet...............
1 year back  i bought my new LG GD330 and then try to find its secret codes but failed. The sites are full of Nokia, Samsung and some non working LG secret codes. But today i will share some secret codes of LG GD330 which are totally unique and 100% working. Here are the codes:

*#06# (Show IMEI number)
0000 (Default Security Code)
1809#*330# (Test Mode)

1809#*330# (Test Mode) is the master control of this mobile. It contains:
1-Device Test
2-ELT Mode
4-Factory Test
5-Usage Info
6-Engineer Mode*
7-Band Select
8-Network Info

*Engineer Mode:
To access Engineer mode dial 1809#*330#  and press 6. Engineer Mode contains:
1-Battery info*
2-Audio Tuning*
3-UART Settings*
4-BT Testing*

*Battery info contains the current voltage of battery, USB cable and charger.
*Audio Tuning allows you to increase the default maximum sound