The size of the screen will enable the user to play various games and run different features at the same time. The screen of this device is so amazing. Samsung has the aim of meeting its user's demands and so they've putted vibrant colors and deep blacks with its features. The Samsung Attain has the biggest Smart Phone screen as of now. Fortunately, the outdoor visibility of Samsung Galaxy S2 was considerably improved for the AT&T model. This means that the user will have the opportunity to play his favorite games with the ray of light pouring onto the screen of his phone.

The sad news is that if the user runs simultaneously a large number of applications, the phone gets warm and so; do not set the brightness to a maximum level. A number of ten applications used at the same time can lead to overheating. If your phone is always warm, you are already risking your device to damage.

What is great is that the Samsung Attain smart phone allows user to download a large variety of games and apps from the Android Market. And that will enable you to test more than 230,000 applications developed by some of Android Systems.

Android 2.3 operating system will enable you to install some of the famous games available. Angry birds now has large number of fans. Fortunately, this game is perfectly compatible with this sensational smart phone. Among other games launched for Android System, this is the most successful application ever launched. What is great is the user can download it for free and can update it anytime he/she likes. This is one of the games that have a very interesting and challenging levels.

Worms can also be downloaded with this smart phone. Even if this game was initially for PC users, recently it was launched for the Android operating system. The graphic of this game perfectly matches with these features and size of the screen.

But gaming with this smart phone can consume a lot of power. If you do not purchase some accessories specially developed to allow you charge this phone without using a cable, then you risk consuming all its battery. Not to say, you should also purchase a case which is an ideal accessory for protecting your mobile device. If you are a big fan of various gaming programs, then you should not miss purchasing a screen protector. By having this protector, you can avoid nail scratches on your phone.